Friday, November 15

When the world is covered in large ice sheets.

Sea levels rose ten metres on top of gift levels throughout Earth’s last heat amount one hundred twenty five years agone, in step with new analysis that provides a glimpse of what could happen beneath our current temperature change flight.

Our paper, revealed nowadays in Nature Communications, shows that melting ice from continent was the most driver of water level rise within the last interglacial amount, that lasted concerning 10,000 years.

Rising ocean levels ar one among the largest challenges to humanity expose by temperature change, and sound predictions ar crucial if we tend to ar to adapt.

This analysis shows that continent, long thought to be the “sleeping giant” of water level rise, is really a key player. Its ice sheets will amendment quickly, and in ways in which might have immense implications for coastal communities and infrastructure in future.

Aerial footage showing devastation caused by severe storms at Collaroy on Sydney’s northern beaches in June 2016. UNSW Water laboratory

A warning from the past
Earth’s cycles include each cold glacial periods – or ice ages – once massive components of the planet ar lined in massive ice sheets, and hotter interglacial periods once the ice thaws and ocean levels rise.

The Earth is presently in associate degree interglacial amount that began concerning ten,000 years agone. however greenhouse emission emissions over the past two hundred years have caused climate changes that ar quicker and additional extreme than practiced throughout the last interglacial. this implies past rates of water level rise offer solely low-end predictions of what would possibly happen in future.