Thursday, November 14

The breeze ruffles her fur the incorrect means.

first noticed the dead hare once I stepped over the upright and disturbed 3 kites, 2 ravens and a buzzard. The poor carcase is contemporary enough to be intact. I retreat and also the birds organise themselves into a counsel of waiting.

Below the large hill, a diagram of circles is scored into the straw field; the doughnuts of a poacher’s vehicle chasing a dog, chasing a hare.

I walk up each alternative day associated mark the decomposition of the hare; its come back to earth within the four short weeks it takes to lose my dada when an surprising designation. there’s no obvious mark on the animal. however once I check on her once more, she has been troubled even currently into a running position.

I kneel on the sheep’s lanolin-greased grass and breathe through my mouth. atiny low a part of the hare’s body behind her heart is agitated with fly larvae. A devil’s dray horse beetle runs over her haunches and a surprising red-chequered sexton beetle investigates. She remains as elegant as a thoroughbred. The breeze ruffles her fur the incorrect means.

I walk up once more and once more. associate early try at a cure for grief. Below the large hill, there’s a smoke haze of bonfires wherever last month there have been plumes of chalk and chaff dirt from mix harvesters. I will style the metallike tang of ash within the air because the 1st fieldfares are available.

Four weeks when I found her, the hare’s skeletal kind is unconcealed and she or he is left alone, her skullcap of black tough ears pricked forward; her well-sprung rib exposed sort of a whale’s and spread-out out like heron feathers; her spine serpentine; her hind legs like train pistons – the long thigh, shin and foot bones at right angles, powering the dragster cogs of a body designed for speed.

My last visit is at the hours of darkness. The empty dew-pond socket of her eye gazes without expression at faint stars. The moon gleams on white-chalk bones, long white claws and also the tuft of pale fur snagged at her fetlocks, just like the winged feet of Greek deity. associate applicable god, perhaps, returning her to the planet that she’s going to invariably squat in. Her last kind.