Friday, November 15

The brand-new convention for fans of science fiction, fantasy, horror, comics, furry culture, and more.

Multiverse, a spic-and-span convention for fans of phantasy, fantasy, horror, comics, hairy culture, and more, can hold its debut event from Gregorian calendar month eighteenth to Gregorian calendar month twentieth in Atlanta, GA.

The convention, situated at the Hilton Atlanta landing field, can compile fans, authors, artists, and alternative creators, all of whom share a typical passion⁠—genre fiction. Attendees will expect sci-fi, fantasy, and horror media, work surface role-playing games, cosplay, and alternative beloved staples of “geekery” to feature heavily at Multiverse.

“Panel discussions, a fursuit pageant, associate gallery, a diversion hall, and even a charity auction for the non-profit-making RAICES⁠—it’s planning to be such a lot fun, truly,” says convention chair Allie Charlesworth. “Whether you’re keen on Game of Thrones or Black Panther, the pic Get Out or Dungeons and Dragons or perhaps My very little Pony, this is often completely your con.”

Charlesworth considers Multiverse to be a replacement quite convention. The event’s employees aimed to ask a large spectrum of guests with myriad backgrounds, from bestselling authors to triumph artists to a number of the industry’s best costume creators. For that reason, whereas the convention isn’t strictly a “furry” convention, Multiverse employees notes that furries square measure welcome and are integrated into programming from the beginning.

One of the convention’s stars this year, as an example, includes activist fursuiter Leilia sporting dog. Programming consists of panels like ‘Character Performance,’ ‘Werewolves within the universe,’ ‘The Anatomy of Dragons,’ ‘LGBTQ+ in followers,’ and ‘Identity in Board and RPG Games.’ you’ll bear in mind her from the CNN Lisa Ling special.

As communications director, WHO am myself a hairy , i feel we’d be fully amiss to place along a con of creatives and storytellers while not together with furries. everybody on employees has been acceptive and broad-minded, and that i suppose that is planning to establish a sort very little con for all nerds, together with those folks WHO wear tails as a hobby.

The positive and hospitable atmosphere of Multiverse is very necessary to the convention’s phantasy programming lead K. Ceres Wright, WHO desires to make a happening that really represents the fashionable followers community.

“It’s an enormous ‘geek party,’ however we tend to don’t need to urge too vast,” Wright says. “We need the con to perpetually be an area wherever you’ll be able to meet creators and fellow fans and have substantive conversations regarding the items in followers that matter. we wish folks to grasp that regardless of WHO they’re, they’re welcome here.”

To attend Multiverse 2019, fans will register at the event itself or pre-register on-line for a reduced worth at Multiverse additionally encourages donations of goods—furry-themed or otherwise—to their silent charity auction, the take of that go entirely to RAICES